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Prayers For Paris, COP 21

Today I send my prayers to the universe.

First, I prepare myself by fasting.

I fast with my sisters and brothers in ClimateFast

And Fast For the Climate

All around the world.

We fast for the earth.

We fast for the children for the next seven generations.

We fast for the enlightenment of the consciousness of our species

That we may understand

That all the plants, animals, birds and fish

And all the crawlers and the pollinators

And everything that lives

Are our brothers and sisters, our relatives,

And that the destruction of their habitat

And the pollution of our earth, our water, our air

Is a crime

that must stop.

I focus my mind on the world I want to see.

A world with reverence for life as its core value.

A world where every form of life has rights

To share in the bounty of the earth,

And where every person,

And every corporation,

And every level of government

Has a responsibility

To care for the earth;

To care for the community that sustains it;

To care for its workers;

And to ensure that we live with one another

With justice and compassion

For those who are more vulnerable.

I send my prayers to the leaders of the world

Who are meeting in Paris.

I pray for my leaders from Canada,

The Prime Minister, The Premiers, the First Nations,

the Religious Leaders, and Civil Society

And for all the World Leaders.

May they be filled with a vision for sustainable living on this planet.

May they be inspired to find ways to move forward with that vision.

May they be free from personal ego and desires for power.

May they be grounded, and humble, and respectful.

May they attend to their own personal physical needs for well-being.

May they listen well to all the voices, all the needs, all the fears, all the hopes.

May they open themselves to the spirit of love and justice and transformation.

May they find a path to wholeness

For all the people and all life on the planet.

And I send my prayers to the people of Canada,

And to the people of the world.

May you inform yourselves of the importance of this time.

May you become more aware of how we are living in relation to the earth,

And how we want to be living.

May you feel the urgency and the need for action.

May you be prepared for change as we make this transition to renewable energy.

May you be ready to contribute your gifts, your energy, your creativity

To helping to make this change.

May you be ready to provide support to those who are most vulnerable

And who have the most to lose

Out of a spirit of justice and compassion.

Let us join together as one people

And move toward a vision of living on this planet

Based on Reverence For Life.

Let us pass a legacy of a healthy flourishing planet

To future generations.

So may it be. All Our Relations

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