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The essence of flowers is attraction.  Flowers provide an amazing variety of colour, pattern, shape, design, and manner of unfolding.  They symbolize our interconnected web.  Every form of plant life has a seed and a flower in order to reproduce, and they all connect with the bees, butterflies, and other pollinators who, by meeting their own needs also ensure the continuity of all life.   I am attracted to their lines, their textures, their parts, but most of all their movement.  In their gesture they come alive.


Most of my life is spent worrying about the downtrodden and disadvantaged, violence around the world, and the scourages of war, inequality, and degradation of the earth.  We have lost 50% of the animals and plants on this earth since 1940.   Flowers are a symbol of the beauty, fragility, and wonder of life.  We need to renew our connection with nature and with Mother Earth.  Flowers give me a chance to rest in her bosom, and reconnect with her spirit.



To purchase one of my paintings, please write me using the contact form on this website 

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