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Frances Deverell  (Blog)

Many Versions of Me:  

Student; Teacher; Management Trainer; Consultant;   Businesswoman;

Unitarian Universalist minister. 

Lived across Canada.

The "Retired" Me:

Lives in Nanaimo.

Married to the best guy in the world, Ron Wilson

I have an awesome daughter. Karen, close by in Coquitlam, BC. 


The Activist Me:

Volunteer;  Activist for social change. 

My blog has focused on issues of

  • First Nations justice,

  • climate change,

  • criminal justice,

  • equality,

  • peace,

  • democracy.

I live my life as a work of art in process.  Everything I do is as an artist.  Whether I am growing in a relationship, or building community, or painting or doing music, or making a film, I love it all.  I am blessed to enjoy friends and collaborators in  the First Unitarian Fellowship of Nanaimo, the Unitarian Community in Vancouver, Victoria, Ottawa and Toronto, and the Canadian Unitarians For Social Justice.


I'm a networker, and I believe when people get together, creativity happens.  I'm most interested in working toward positive solutions to world dilemmas.  One example:  My husband, Ron Wilson, and I have chosen to join the Pacific Gardens Cohousing Community in Nanaimo.  This is a creative, intentional community that is putting into practice how to live sustainably with the earth and in community with each other.

With this website I come out as a visual artist.  I have enjoyed drawing and painting for many years.  My art serves to connect me with my inner self and with spirit.  Through it I seek connection with the wonders of nature, the miracle of life, and with beauty.  I believe we need this vision of wholeness and harmony with the earth and with life to sustain us on the justice journey.


If you are interested in buying a painting contact me and we'll discuss arrangements.  50% of all proceeds support the organizations I am involved with: Childhaven International, USC Canada, Fair Vote Canada,  Canadian Unitarian Council.








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