December 31, 2018

Dear Family and Friends;

So glad to be in touch with you again.  For some reason I have been postponing writing to you this year. What to say? Is Santa coming tonight? Will Jesus bring us renewal and hope?

Ron and I have a good life and no complaints about our health.  Community life at Pacific Gardens has welcomed many new people since summer and they are all wonderful people.  The community is growing together in vision of what we want our lives to be like.  We have 9 children living here and will soon have 10 – a real bonus from my perspective.

I had a show of my flowers in a downtown gallery in May and participated in the Art Walk in November so I am becoming known as one of many artists in Nanaimo. 

This is a rich artistic community with several theatre companies and a rich variety of music at our concert hall.  There is never any shortage of opportunities for entertainment.  I may decide to serve, next year, on the board of the Nanaimo Arts Council. 

Ron serve...

December 6, 2018

Just participated in the Nanaimo Art Walk.  What a wonderful experience and a great introduction to the Nanaimo Art Community and to the art loving public.  I was hosted by Dione and Renee at the Stitcher's Muse at 90 Commercial Ave.  What a beautiful store they have, a haven for stitcher's and sewers where you can find any took or material you are looking for.  They opened up their front windows for me so that I could really show my work.

We had about 160 visitors on Saturday and another hundred on Sunday.  It was wonderful to watch all the different reactions to my work, and to engage in conversation about art and life with those that were interested.  Almost every piece received special attention from one viewer or another - although there were definitely a few that were the most popular.  

I was also able to steal away  and see what everyone else was doing thanks to the amazing support I had from friends at Pacific Gardens.  Thanks to Judith and Lee and...

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