December 17, 2017

 Here it is, Christmas at Pacific Gardens in Nanaimo.  Sorry it has taken me so long to touch base with many of you -- both family and friends.  How different our life has been this year and how much change and disruption we have experienced.  This is the Aviva choir giving us a concert in our common dining hall.  But that is the end of our year.  Let's start at the beginning.  We started in September to downsize our stuff to be able to make the move to Pacific Gardens.  I had to get rid of 11 file drawers of paper and ended up deciding to priorize and scan a great deal.  And of course we had to find a home for everything we couldn't take.  In the meantime Ron was the logistics coordinator for the fall fair and I continued my work with the Capital Region Interfaith Council, The CUC Criminal Justice monitoring group, the CUSJ Board and so on. 

 We were lucky that our visits to Buffalo coincided with a visit from Tennessee by Ron's brothe...

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